You love your clients—
we help them love you back.



Vector Four, founded in 2002, is a strategic design firm. Together we will:

1. grow your business through a focus on your customers' experience

2. transform every point-of-contact into a meaningful connection

3. get it done




Lynn Astalos, principal

As an executive communication strategist since 1985, Lynn has helped many Silicon Valley c-suite executives craft and polish their message. His versatility is in his ability to communicate big corporate strategies while rolling up his sleeves to get results in start-up environments. Client and in-house corporate work includes General Motors, Cisco, HP and Applied Materials. Born and raised in Tokyo, he speaks native Japanese and is well traveled, bringing a global sensitivity to his work. Lynn volunteers as marketing chair for a non-profit to produce the Morgan Hill Freedom Fest, an annual Independence Day community celebration. He earned his BA from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Michael Lee, creative director

Michael began working in a graphic design studio while still in high school—helping to shape and build brands such as Intel, Seagate and Hewlett-Packard. During his tenure, he worked on projects involving all aspects of brand development, through a myriad of deliverables, across multiple channels. Going out on his own, Michael was a much sought after creative-gun-for-hire, helping pre-IPO companies position themselves to go public. He also lent his social media and brand design skills to established companies like Blox Racing, where he helped take their annual charity event from 1,000 attendees to over 10,000. Michael also volunteers as a brand builder for organizations like CureMSA, developing corporate identity and social media strategy. His ability to craft compelling brand experiences is what led him to partner with Vector Four. 

Aïda Jones, principal

After a start on Wall Street (at Dean Witter and Fidelity Investments), Aïda returned west to join Charles Schwab at the beginning of technology's transformation of the financial industry. Understanding the impact technology would soon have (the Programming in Pascal classes at Cal probably helped too), she was recruited by MacGregor Phipps and helped found an Internet-based money management company incubated under the aegis of Stanford Capital Partners. Aïda then transitioned to become an SVP of Strategy and Development for a high-tech ad+pr+www agency. Integrating her knowledge of finance with creative brand strategy, she developed and produced global multi-company analyst and media events, combining client CEOs with key Wall Street analysts and leading technologists from companies such as Intel, Infineon and AMD. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Aïda also volunteers at a local shelter for homeless families.